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Maya Mari Biotin Keratin Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner SET Sulfate Free - Thickening & Growth for Thinning Weak Hair, 32 fl oz


Made with plant-based & active ingredients

  • nourishes follicles to revive healthy growth
  • strengthens damaged & thinning hair bonds
  • increases density for fuller looking hair

Designed for all types of gradually thinning, slow growing and styling stressed manes. This nutritive collagen infusion helps revive follicles for healthy new growth while keratin repairs hair bonds and increases hair shaft density.

Enjoy your fuller & smoother looking luster!


  • straight / wavy / curly


  • fine / medium / thick 

key benefits

  • Biotin - ESSENTIAL VITAMIN + healthy new growth
  • Keratin - REPAIR HAIR BONDS + increase hair density
  • Collagen - NOURISH FOLLICLES + promote hair growth
  • Marula Seed Oil - STRENGTHEN HAIR + get length protection
  • Pro Vitamin B5 - RESTORE SOFTNESS + smoothly de-frizz

more benefits

  • free of sulfates
  • gently clarifying
  • scalp revitalizing
  • length protective
  • slightly ph acidic
  • non-strip formula

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