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BH DERMCENTER Collagen & Squalane Serum - Natural Moisturizing Facial Oil, Great For Sensitive Skin 1 oz


ANTI-AGING POWERHOUSE: This is no ordinary serum! Packed with potent anti-aging ingredients, our collagen and squalane serum will leave your skin radiant, glowing and moisturized.

NATURAL COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: Our advanced collagen formula can help improve sagging skin by promoting natural collagen production while helping to firm aging skin. Leaving your skin smoother and more hydrated.

IMPROVED SKIN HYDRATION- Squalane is packed with powerful anti-aging properties that can help promote hydration and minimize the signs of redness and irritation. Best of all, squalane oil is lightweight and a great for sensitivie skin.

EVEN SKINTONE: With all the anti-aging power of squalane oil and improved collagen production, most experience a smoother, more even skin appearance.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All BH DERMCENTER Skincare is made with you in mind. Our serums are free of parabens, GMOs, comment allergens and animal products. We also offer a satisfication guarantee! If you don't love it, return it and we will give you a full refund.

BH DERMCENTER’S Collagen & Squalane Serum targets various visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. Formulated for aging skin, this serum will bring you back to the good days of plump skin and the appearance of smoother, younger looking skin. Safe for all skin types, can be used daily under makeup or on its own. As with any skincare routine, we recommend always using a sunscreen when you head outdoors. At BH DERMCENTER, we believe in healthy skin for life, and that's why we rely on clinically derived skincare solutions that are on trend. All of our serums are free of all parabens, GMOs, common allergens, and never contain animal products.

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